As part of our funding commitments, National Science Foundation (NSF) funded projects, such as CAP LTER, are required to make as much research data as possible publicly available. The CAP LTER project adheres to the LTER data access policy and aims to publish all research data unless limited by either privacy or license restrictions.  Our commitment to data access includes the provision of metadata to enable data users to assess the content and significance of the data they download.

Informatics Support

The Informatics team at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University provides tools and support for CAP LTER researchers throughout the life of the research project, and beyond. This support includes assistance on: data collection methods, database design, data storage, data documentation, and data submission.

Managing Your Project Data and Metadata

Data Storage

By default, we provide up to 50 gigabytes of resilient network data storage for data and project documents for CAP LTER projects. If you need larger capacity storage we can assist you in procuring the required resources. Please contact the Informatics team to discuss your requirements

Managing your Research Information

The Informatics team is working to provide new research information management functions that will help researchers manage project related data throughout the project life cycle. Managing data and metadata through this system will help you prepare your data for long-term curation and publication. More

 Submitting Your Data for Publication

All data submitted for publication need to be properly documented and should be supplied with metadata. These “data about the data” are necessary for a third party to be able to make use of any published dataset. Without sufficient metadata our datasets cannot be made available to the wider scientific community.

Guidance on how to prepare your data and metadata can be found here.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant nos. BCS-1026865, DEB-0423704 and DEB-9714833.